Trash City by Massimilano Baldassarri

Trash City by Massimilano Baldassarri

fig.1 - Trash City by Massimilano Baldassarri

Trash City is a fiction.  Its starting point is a wander in the growth of signs and esthetics feelings in our urban spaces. This wandering take form into « sculptures-fictions » made out of basic materials and trash. In between destruction and reconstruction the works are made in-situ and the exhibition space become itself the characters and the stage. Trash City is a fragmentary cinematographic object in which scattered elements compose a story expending in the space.

Massimiliano Baldassarri (1968) is an italian-swiss artist, curator and musician. His work mix several interest and crosses the borders between painting, sculpting, drawing and performance. Influenced by its everyday environment and popular cultures, Massimiliano plays with formal catégories born out of art history and modernity. His proposition always take in consideration the exhibition context and its architecture.

opening:  Thursday March 13th – 18:00
open: Friday – Sunday / 14:00-18:00
extra: open on appointment till 21/03 (0486 324 907)
date: 13-16 march 2014



category: archive / 2014 / Brussels