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Dancing Bear by Bonno van Doorn

Dancing Bear by Bonno van Doorn

fig.1 - Dancing Bear by Bonno van Doorn

The work of Bonno van Doorn revolves around the paradox of the intentionally meaningless. His world resists any kind of efficiency or logical sense that surrounds us in our daily lives. In a world that is overloaded with meaning, metaphors and symbols we are constantly interpreting and communicating, trying to fix identification and meaning. Nevertheless we still seem to misunderstand each other all the time. The work of Bonno van Doorn suggests the possibility of a space in between where things are floating free, always just escaping our compulsive way to control the objective world surrounding us. Most objects and constructions have a very specific and concrete form suggesting a certain function or meaning, but they cease to acquire a proper identity and remain abstract. Things are simultaneously specific and abstract, familiar and strange. Altogether everything escapes  identification. Everything is a fragment, provisional, pointing elsewhere. Walking around this environment one encounters the constant surprise of a failed recognition.

Opening: Wednesday 14 May 18:00
Date: 15/05 till 15/06
Open: Thur – Sun 14:00-18:00
Location: Greylight Projects Brussels, Rue Brialmont 11, Brussels
artist website: www.bonnovandoorn.com

category: 2014 / archive / Brussels