Reality Tracks Vol.1

Reality Tracks Vol.1

fig.1 - Reality Tracks Vol.1 Stefan Piat

Reality Tracks, a project in three parts, invites various artists to work on new projects in the projectspace in Hoensbroek. Whereby the direct environment is a leading reference. How will the urbanistic area and the cultural vacuum of Hoensbroek influence the works of these artists? Each part will be concluded with a presentation and artist talk whereby the results will be shown to the public.

– Stefan Piat  works on a sound installation whereby sounds from outside the window will be transferred into the exhibition space to shift the border between outside and inside

Tim Rutten & Roel Pansters  developed  a new game strategy that will be rolled out in the public space of Hoensbroek.

Tijl Orlando Frijns – Models for architectural interventions



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date: 25.08.2012 - 23.09.2012

GreyLight Projects, Burgemeester Kessenplein 1, 6431 KM, Hoensbroek (NL)

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