What The Flag? Hero

What The Flag? Hero

fig.1 - What The Flag? Hero

For the first edition of What The Flag? Suus Touw is invited to do an translation from out of his work to the medium of the flag. Something he did earlier in Hoensbroek to compete with the announcement posters for rave-party’s in the project Reality Check.

Suus Touw is fascinated by the simple form and how the image can attain the fullness of his expression. The works are serially made with Indian ink. These are characterized by repetitive patterns, repetitions and dispersion of the lines. All that is excess is removed from the image in order to arrive at the essence. The working attitude is characterized by concentration and contrast in the execution; a desire to control the medium, and to allow the coincidence. The aspects that you can not control, which let you get lost and take you further. It is these traces of imperfection that emphasize the ideal of beauty.


curated by: Laurent Malherbe, Wouter Huis
date: 29.11.2015 - 30.01.2016
opening: Saturday 28.11.2015 , 17:00-21:00
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Burgemeester Kessenplein 1, 6431 KM, Hoensbroek (NL)

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