Talk: Taking Position In a Context

Artistics practises in the south of Chile (Coliumo, Tomé and Concepción)
Encounter with Leslie Fernandez and Oscar Concha, directors of Casapoli residency.

In a highly centralized country like Chile, Casapoli is singular artistic residency located in the fishing village of Coliumo, VIII region, in the south. Since 2010, it has been directed by artists Leslie Fernández and Oscar Concha, who have rethought the figure of the artist’s instrospection in front of imposing landscape, by establishing a dialogue with the territory and its communities. Casapoli welcomed artists from all parts of the globe. Leslie and Oscar will be present at Greylight Project, invited by Louise Mestrallet and Cristián Valenzuela, to discuss the origins, current events and projections of this project.*

After the talk, some “completos” (chilian’s hot dogs) and drinks will be provided (with a vegan option) at free price.

Sunday 22 October from 17:00
At Greylight Projects Brussels
Rue Brialmont 11
1210 Sint Joost ten Node / Brussels

*The presentation will be in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation in english.

Visual Artist. She was part of the Mesa8 group (2008-2013) and co-director of the project Móvil (2009-2017). Currently a lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Humanities and Art at the University of Concepción in pre and postgraduate studies. Part of the editorial team of the Alzaprima Magazine of the same Faculty and directs with Oscar Concha the program of residencies Casapoli in Coliumo. Since 2016, she is part of a team research about visual arts in Concepción during the period of the dictatorship. Lives and works in Concepción, Chile.

Graduated in Advertising DUOC-UC (1986-1989)
Visual artist and independent cultural manager. Since the 90’s he has developed a systematic production in the field of visual arts. Its individual production is oriented to research that involves urban problems and identity.
Co-creator with Leslie Fernández of the residency project Casapoli and the project Móvil, initiatives in which collaboration and networking for local contemporary art are strengthened. He is also a member of the editorial projects Animita Papel y Almacén. Has participated in exhibitions, talks, meetings, residencies in Chile and abroad (Lima, Arequipa (Peru), Buenos Aires, Rosario (Argentina), La Paz (Bolivia), Lausanne, Berne (Belgium), Venice (Italy) and Minneapolis (USA)). Lives and works in Concepción, Chile.