PERFORMANCE: Nora Turato “Show personality, not personal items”

On the occasion of her exhibition at the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein Nora Turato will perform at Greylight Projects in Hoensbroek at the opening of the new DISPLAY and the presentation of a new edition of WHAT THE FLAG?

In her spoken word performances “Show personality, not personal items” Nora Turato invokes precise observations of everyday life. By the artistically molded speaking of her texts, by rhythm and melody of her speech Nora Turato accentuates the urgency of her sociocultural themes, echoing the here and now. In doing so her performances resemble a tour de force, pressing, provocative and right on target.

Nora Turato’s performance is part of her first institutional solo exhibition Your Shipment Has Been Dispatched, now on show in Aachen, Germany at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein.

Information about Nora Turato her exhbition and works can be found on
when: Saturday March 18th 2017 / 17:00
location: Burgemeester Kessenplein 1, 6431 KM, Hoensbroek (NL)