Upon return by Jan Adriaans

Upon return by Jan Adriaans

fig.1 - Upon return by Jan Adriaans

There’s a healing power in water, it cleans the soul and it’s used in all kinds of religious ceremony’s. The body has a direct relationship to water. Today we live in a society with a big focus on health. Mineral water is a fashionable product referring to a healthy life. In the town of the gallery mineral water is pumped out from the earth from a 120 m. depth.

I create a situation of inconvenience, by flooding the floor of the gallery, about 10 cm high. It’s lying quietly in the front space and partly in the backspace, there’s no clue where it came from. A quiet stretched out moment in a range of occurrences. There’s a big soap lying in the corner of the room, spreading a calming fragrance in the space. The water is a danger for the building and gets soaked into the walls.

Installation: Flooded gallery with 10 cm high water, 6 x 12 m, 2013
Material: Soap with esoteric oil.

curated by: Laurent Malherbe
date: 26.08.2013 - 29.09.2013
opening: Sunday 25.08.2013 , 13:00-18:00
opening hours: ,

Burgemeester Kessenplein 1, 6431 KM, Hoensbroek (NL)

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