closed: Greylight Projects Brussels

closed: Greylight Projects Brussels

fig.1 - closed: Greylight Projects Brussels Private Installation, Sculpture Project for Billboard, 2018 by Thomas Bernardet

Greylight Projects closed the doors of the location at the Gesù convent in Brussels at the end of March 2020. We have been using this location since 2013 and we are very grateful that many projects could take place in this beautiful building. Thanks to this location we have been able to collaborate with many artists, to support and to share their work with a very interested and engaged audience. We would like to thank them all for being part of Greylight Projects Brussels. We hope that all the artists who have worked with us will find a stable place where they can further develop their practices. 

One thing stops for another to begin, and it is with great pleasure that we are now developing a new chapter of Greylight Projects in Heerlen, south Nederlands. In a former school building, we are now working to imagine a place to facilitate the work of the artists in many ways. This is a very exciting and challenging process. 

Thanks to all the artists, the curious, the followers, and many more that have been involved in the Brussels projects.

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