Residency presentation: Formation de Bureau

Residency presentation: Formation de Bureau

fig.1 - Residency presentation: Formation de Bureau

To research the former uses of a building is to question the role of the investigator as the owner of memory’s material leftovers. For 6 months Juan Pablo Plazas and Yoel Pytowski worked on a series of sculptural interventions with forgotten elements in one specific room of the building where the Greylight Projects is. During the opening a performance will take place in collaboration with Nathalie Snel as a concluding phase of these interventions. 

“How much do we need to dig just to find out that we have dug enough?
How deep do we need to go just to realize we’ve gotten to the middle of nowhere?
What are we trying to discover inside this massive amount of sand?”



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date: 31.03.2016 - 03.04.2016
opening: Wednesday 30.03.2016 , 18:00-21:00
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Greylight Projects Brussels
Rue de Brialmont 11
1210 Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode / Brussels
Metro 2/6 – Tram 92/93 : stop Botanique

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