Daar zijn / Being there

artists: Michiel Huijben en Jan Huijben

For two weeks Jan and Michiel will use the space of Greylight Projects as a studio. The starting point of this collaboration will be the shop windows on the street side.

“We want space, … not literally, of course, but by using the windows on the street side, a large part of the exhibition will be visible from the outside, … Interaction with the audience is the key here”.

In addition to this collaboration, Jan wants to work in a studio situation on a series of sculptures for in and around the space of Greylight Projects. Michiel will use the location as a starting point for a new site-specific installation and / or video.

Residency and exhibition
Hoensbroek, NL
Opening March 27, 2011 / 15:00-18:00



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