Collective disorder / After speaking

Collective disorder / After speaking

fig.1 - Collective disorder / After speaking

Greylight Projects presents two evenings of performances in its Chapel. both evenings are composed as experiences of text, music and sound, initiated by Les Commissaires Anonymes.

On September the 23th: Collective disorder / three performances with different modes of exchange to nourish the imagination of collective interaction.
A Spiral Dance, A Circuit by Hu Wei (In collaboration with Astarti Athanasiadou)
The disoriented cabaret by Mathilde Sauzet & Gabriel Mattei. With Sonia Kazovsky, Pilar Mata Dupont and Germaine Sijstermans
– Black tea by Adrien Giros with Melissa Rondeau & Louis Richard

On October the 14th: After speaking / two performances brought together exploring the gap between written words and the voices who speak them, raising questions of identity, history and truth.
Aleph/(א) by Ana Wild
I am Welton Santos by Sofia Caesar

In both evenings, each performance will last from 20 to 40 minutes with breaks at the bar for drinks and food.

Doors open from 19:00
Performances start at 20:00
Entrance fee: 5,- Euro

Due to limitations reservation is required (max. 50 persons).
You can make your reservation with the form below.<



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