Bl•a•ck Com•pos•ition

Bl•a•ck Com•pos•ition

fig.1 - Bl•a•ck Com•pos•ition Basement: Bl•a•ck Com•pos•ition – performance by Sylvain Chauveau & Pierre Labat

Greylight Projects Brussels presents Bl•a•ck Com•pos•ition, an installation / performance by Sylvain Chauveau & Pierre Labat

Bl•a•ck Com•pos•ition, a collaboration between Sylvain Chauveau & Pierre Labat is more than a collaboration, it’s a dialogue between two person speaking the same language (abstraction, minimalism, space…) with a different vocabulary. Labat takes care of the visual part of the work, each collage are made with a fully black Xerox copy, a kind of « non-image », torn in 4 parts and readjusted to create unique compositions. This gesture is at the same time a destruction and a creation of geometric shapes.

Installed in the exhibition space, these collages become an in-situ musical score. Chauveau will perform this score during the whole duration of the exhibition, bringing a new layer of time to the whole project. Chauveau will create a live-interpretation with very simple technics, with only analogue instruments, without any electronic or electricity. Each black sheet torn in four is read as a chord of four simultaneous notes, one sound for each collage, repeated once for every visual creation, during the entire presentation of the work. Slowly and subtly evolving, repetitive but infinite the performance of Chauveau will rise a mysterious complexity beside its basic first aspect. The realisation of Bl•a•ck Com•pos•ition is supported by l‘École Supérieure des Beaux Arts TALM-Tours

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date: 08.09.2017 - 11.09.2017
opening: Thursday 07.09.2017 , 18:00-21:00
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Greylight Projects Brussels
Rue de Brialmont 11
1210 Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode / Brussels
Metro 2/6 – Tram 92/93 : stop Botanique

category: archive / 2017 / Brussels