fig.1 - Sifres Wouter Huis

Sifrés is a visual art project in different phases. The project starts from a presentation with existing work or variations on existing work and moves to interventions / presentations that reflect on the immediate surroundings of the Gray Light project. The common denominator in the project and also leitmotiv by Grijslicht is what we call the mental architecture. We think of the relationship of viewer, work of art (object), space (context) and time.

Grayscale has invited a number of artists to join this project for a while. The artists are Simon Kentgens, Thomas Bakker, Wineke Gartz, Laurent Malherbe and Wouter Huis. The Sifrés project will start with a presentation of works by these artists. This presentation is achieved through mutual selection. This means that the artists select from each other existing work and let this lead to a coherent presentation. This way of working creates a conversation about each other’s work and working method.

As a result of this introductory presentation, the participating artists will, from their own point of view, realize projects in the coming year that enter into a relationship with each other’s work and the immediate surroundings. This can result in different forms, such as an exhibition, a book, photo series, a film / video, installation, interventions in the environment, etc. This will prove to be going.

By means of this project, Grijslicht wants to raise questions about the existing relationships of people to their environment. What is reality and how do we experience it.



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date: 28.03.2010 - 18.04.2010
opening: Sunday 28.03.2010 , 15:00
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Burgemeester Kessenplein 1, 6431 KM, Hoensbroek (NL)

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category: archive / 2010 / Heerlen / Hoensbroek