open call: OUT OF THE BLUE – Museum nacht Maastricht

open call: OUT OF THE BLUE – Museum nacht Maastricht

fig.1 - open call: OUT OF THE BLUE – Museum nacht Maastricht

After earlier editions of OUT OF THE BLUE presented in Hoensbroek and Brussels we open up the call for the screening at Intro in Situ during the Museum Night Maastricht which will be on the 8th of April.

Greylight Projects invites artists to sent in video works that can be shown at the venue of Intro In Situ. All contributed videos sent in are added to the database and can be selected by the algorithm. When no video is selected there will be a blue screen awaiting the next selection.

There is no specific theme to this call.

The video’s can be with sound and are shown on a wide screen (16:9).

Deadline: April 6th (midnight)

  • screening days: The OUT OF THE BLUE presentation is on April the 8th of April 2022.
  • video size is 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • video duration can be from 1 second till max 5 minutes.
  • sideshows or single images are allowed thought placed in a mp4 video format.
  • video format must be mp4 (you can use Handbrake to render it to mp4, standard settings).
  • qdd the title of the work and your name before your video (3 seconds). Please use this template (PSD  or PDF)
  • there is no guaranty that your video will be selected by the algorithm.
  • sent video files with sent video files to our dropbox using this link: upload link to our dropbox
  • if you encounter any problems please contact us:
  • please make the filename like this: NAME ARTIST – TITLE – YEAR.mp4
  • deadline is April 5th at midnight.
  • there is no limitation of age, gender or location.
  • no application fee will be charged and there is no screening fee.
  • inappropriate content will be deleted without prior notice.


More information about the Museum Night and the other events in the city you can find here:



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