Nature variability

Nature variability

fig.1 - Nature variability

A presentation of new works by Amélie Bouvier during the Heritage days 2019 in the former observatory of Brussels, Place Quetelet. The multidisciplinary artist Amélie Bouvier has made from the fascinating field of astronomy her starting point for aesthetic research. Her work for the former Royal Observatory of Belgium echoes the original functions of the place by inscribing in large drapes a series of monotypes inspired by scientific imagery of the sky. In the centre, the enigmatic sculpture of a hand features the figure of Camille Flammarion, a famous 19th century astronomer who gave his wife a meteorite mounted on ring. More modest in appearance than gold or silver, these extraterrestrial stones are now the subject of the wildest speculation.  The presence of the installation within these walls poetically links Flammarion’s Observatory, located in Juvisy – sur – Orge, France, with Quetelet’s Observatory, where practically no trace of the initial activity remains.

This presentation is part of the exhibition Eight Minutes Ago by Amélie Bouvier at Greylight Projects Brussels. More information you can find on:




date: 14.09.2019 - 15.09.2019
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7 place Quetelet – 1210 Brussels

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