Equal weight

Equal weight

fig.1 - Equal weight

You can hear many ‘back to…’ sayings in 2023; for example, someone is returning back to their everyday life, some industries are returning to the markets, some art fairs are bouncing back to their past glories, and so on. However, what exactly does it mean to go back? Is it even possible to backtrack to how things were before the pandemic? At least we know that when it comes to paying taxes, nothing changes, wherever you are.
There is a fuzzy boundary between Belastingdienst (Tax service) and Beinganartist – if you squint they could be the same word.
Although it’s a poster of an un-functional envelope, recycling is not the only place to send it. You can fold it back into a “functional” envelope and post it, to remind someone to pay their tax on time.  
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date: 21.04.2023 - 23.04.2023
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