artist in residence: Luca Soudant

artist in residence: Luca Soudant

fig.1 - artist in residence: Luca Soudant On Sonic Intimacy by Luca Soudant at the Sandberg Graduation Show, Het Hem, Zaandam [NL], 2020. Photo by Alizé Wachto.

Greylight Projects is pleased to announce that artist Luca Soudant has been selected for the Very Contemporary residency and artist project. Luca was selected by a jury consisting of former guest artist Arthur Cordier (former guest artist 2021) Brenda Guesnet (IKOB – Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst) and Roy Voragen (Greylight Projects).

About Luca Soudant:
“Luca Soudant (Maastricht, 1993; their/them) is a theorist, writer, artistic researcher, teacher and DJ (ADIË) based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Their research is situated at the intersection of gender studies, posthumanist feminism and sound studies. They graduated from the research master Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam and the artistic research master Critical Studies at the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. Right now, they teach Critical Studies at Maastricht Institute of Arts and Willem de Kooning Academy.

In their artistic practice, they research the possibilities of non-musical sound to set matter in motion as a way to queer (i.e. bend) our perspectives on matter, meaning and, most importantly, their entanglements. They study what it means to be literally touched by sound and how sonic thinking can offer a trans*formative politics toward non-binary and anti-essentialist conceptions of the worlds we inhabit. With the aim to blur a theory/practice divide, they do research through engaging with scholarly literature as well as experimenting with various materials such as sound waves, subwoofers, bodies (human and nonhuman), holographic foil, repetitive kick-drum beats, voice transformation technology, fire and bass frequencies..”

We are looking forward to welcoming Luca Soudant to Greylight Projects and seeing their project develop in the coming months. You can follow our website or social channels for further updates on their work!⁣⁣

For more information about the works of Luca Soudant you can take a look at their website.


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