A Cozy Mystery With Bite

A Cozy Mystery With Bite

fig.1 - A Cozy Mystery With Bite

Present time consists of a plurality of realities that each bear their own truth in them. Besides the characters and scenery that are created for us by various media (television programs, films, computer games, etc.), we now create our own character using for example social media. The actors and the images of our acquaintances, family and friends blend together into characters in a scene without borders. The personalities of these (fictional) characters are worked out in detail; their postures and gestures, their customs, habits and history. Like a choreography that sets an example for our own play. The designed persona is the context in which we live and where we ourselves can take the place of the designer. With our material possessions, intangible fantasies and digital spirit we consume and create stories in which fiction and reality are not static concepts anymore.

The selected group of international artists in A Cozy Mystery With Bite examine these topics in various media. Portraits of others, selfies, fictional characters and real people in fictional stories appear on stage. Still lifes of fictional places derived from reality make up the scenography for real people; like a template that only needs to be personalized.

artists: Alejandra Hernandez, Chloë Delanghe, Christina Stuhlberger, David Peschka, Boris de Beijer, Daan Gielis, Mojdeh Abkar Isfahani, Chaim van Luit, Christine Bax, Joep Vossebeld, BUREN, Rémi Rupprecht, Niels Poiz en Astrid Mingels.

curated by Niels Poiz and Astrid Mingels

opening: Thursday 04.06.2015 / 18:00
date: 05.06 – 27.07
open: Thursday, Friday & Saturday / 14:00-18:00
location: Greylight Projects Brussel

Performances will take place on the opening night (04.06)

19.30 BUREN.
20.30 Rémi Rupprecht. (Ongoing performance until 22.00)
20.45 Joep Vossebeld.
22.00 David Peschka.