Dear applicants,

Thank you very much for you application and your trust in the pre-call for the POPPOSITIONS art fair. We are sorry to say that due to the limited applications sent in, the minimal required amount has not been set which makes the call not valid. Hereby the pre-call process is finished and the call is closed. If you may have any further questions or remarks feel free to reply to this message.

Yours sincerely,

Greylight Projects


“Applications are limited to solo shows, which will be assembled into one single exhibition. All forms of media and artistic disciplines are accepted.”

Though as an individual artist you can not apply without a structure:

“Applicants need to rely on already existing organizations that are not created for the sole purpose of POPPOSITIONS. Please note that POPPOSITIONS does not work with artists directly.”

Therefore Greylight Projects decided to offer its structure for this occasion to a single artist.

GREYLIGHT PROJECTS opens up its structure to an individual artist in order to make it possible apply to POPPOSITIONS 2017. For this occasion we offer the following to the artist selected out of this pre-call: our name, an email address for application and the 1000 euro POPPOSITIONS participation fee.

PRE-CALL PROCEDURE: Every artist can apply to this pre-call without any limitations of media or other restrictions. You have to fill in the application form and send it to

DEADLINE: January 10th

PRE-CALL APPLICATION FEE / FINANCE: The application fee for this pre-call is a hundred euro (100,-). The combination of these fees will be used to pay the 1000 euro participation fee to POPPOSITIONS. The application fee will be refunded if there are less then ten applications and/or if the final application to POPPOSITIONS is rejected. This means that the pre-call will only be valid if at least ten artist have applied.

In the case that there are more than ten applications for the pre-call the additional application fees will be used as production funds for the chosen artist. If the production budget is not fully consumed the remaining total will be divided evenly amongst the applicants.

PRE-CALL SELECTION: The selection of the artist will be made on January 12th by a committee composed of all applicants. At the meeting of the committee one artist proposal will be selected with the support of all committee members. All applicants / committee members need to be present at the committee meeting.

AFTER PRE-SELECTION: The selected artist is responsible for the final application to POPPOSITIONS. There is no guarantee that the application of the selected artist will be selected by the selection jury of POPPOSITIONS.


The application form for this pre-call is the same as the application for POPPOSITIONS. Download and fill in the complete form below and send it with all necessary attachments to


  • application fee: € 100,- (transfer details will be given by email after sending in the application)
  • minimal 10 applications
  • deadline: January 10th
  • applications can be sent to
  • committee meeting: January 12th / 17:00 (location: Brussels)
  • not selected applicants will be mentioned as sponsors in all further comminations
  • questions or remarks can be sent to


Initial invitiation text for the POPPOSITIONS art fair application:

POPPOSITIONS is currently inviting galleries, project spaces and artist initiatives to participate in its 6th edition via an open call.

POPPOSITIONS was established in 2011 as a counterpoint to mainstream art fairs, and has grown into a leading alternative market for contemporary art. There are no white booths here. Instead, POPPOSITIONS presents emerging talent in a site-specific context, occupying a different space each year. In the past five years, POPPOSITIONS has been dealing with questions of artistic agency, self-organisation, cynicism and criticality in order to shape its profile within the cultural and economic landscape. For the 2017 edition, Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk (The Office for Curating, NL) has been appointed as artistic director.

Applications are limited to solo shows, which will be assembled into one single exhibition. All forms of media and artistic disciplines are accepted.

Proposals will be assessed by a selection panel that includes Kasper Bosmans (artist, BE), Elise Lammer (curator/artist, CH), Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk (curator, NL) and Jo-ey Tang (curator/artist, US). 

Application deadline: 15 January 2017

More information on the website: